David C. Read

Editor, Animator, Creative

Over 20 years experience in the media industry.


Director, Editor, Animator

Starting out as a camerman and then editor in the early 1990s I have worked for household names on increasingly large and complex projects for both comms and the live events arena. I work for household names like Comparethemarket, RBS, Standard Chartered, British Sugar, Coloplast and Anglian Water and have worked on projects of all sizes.



I have worked extensively directing single and multi camera shoots for live events, interviews and scripted projects.

2D Animation

I have worked with After Effects for over 20 years to produce awards animations,

explainers, bumpers and stings.

3D Animation

Using Cinema 4D I am able to add 3D elements and animations to projects, from modelling to animation.

Project Lead

I work from client contact, through storyboard, scripting to the final delivery, managing every stage.


The Damned 'Your'e Gonna Realise' 2023

Working with Director Martin Gooch, I produced post production VFX for the first two singles from the new album Darkadelic, The Invisible Man and Beware of the Clown. For the final single I graded, edited and did all the VFX for the video. This included animating and compositing a Damned themed zeppelin, and animating Dave Vanian in a vintage car down a CGI London street, as well as animating and designing the Damned Globe logo for all videos.


BGL Annual Awards (various)

Working with Hawk Audiovisual, David worked on several Awards Balls for the BGL Group, which own the brand ComparetheMarket amongst others.. In 2014 I worked on the show at Burghley House, where a 1920s theme was used. Numerous videos and animationsd were produced as well as an opening film.

2016 saw the Ball go to Manchester with even more attendees. The theme was Alice in Wonderland, and as well as working on complex nominee animations, David also designed the set which was the centre of the event.

For 2018 at Manchester Central again, with a Circus theme, animations were produced for a huge LED wall which was the main stage.

For all the awards night David would produce an edit of the event as the evening was under way and deliver an edit by 11pm so it could be shared out to the staff who were attending to share on social media.. This video is a compilation of those films. These are typical of the many live events David has produced animations for, and produced fast, high quality live edits for.,


MyBnk Social Adverts (2023)

For the youth financial eduction charity MyBnk, and supported by ComparetheMarket, three films were produced highlighting the challenges faced by by young people during the cost of living crisis. David cast, rehearsed and directed all three films over 2023.


Meerkat Movies Junkets / Red Carpet (various)

Working as Producer / Editor for ComparetheMarket, David travellled to numerous press junkets and red carpet events where (depending on the set up) work as producer with a journalist/interviewer and a cameraman, then immediately produce an edit of the event / interviews to be shared on social media within an hour or so of the filming.



Starting in 2011, along with his wife, he founded a business selling playing cards, gaming accessories, fantasy maps and art.

David is invloved in product development, and responsible for all the graphic design for the hundreds of products. This is a hugely creative business and involves all aspects of graphic design, packaging and production.

The business has been a great success, with a business now setup in Florida for US sales

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